Cassette Duplication

Dex Audio is the only manufacturer of audio cassettes in Australia. In operation since 1982, our cassette duplication facility is unique to the Australian audio industry.

Dex Audio are all about superior sound. Our facilities allow for mastering that brings out the absolute best in your audio. This is due to an accurate and well balanced listening environment combined with tailor made valve EQ and Compressors. This ensures a polish to your audio that will stand out from the rest.

At Dex, we use a proprietary high speed digital duplication system. This system takes your audio and puts it to tape with the best possible sound quality. We create a duplicating master then dub your program onto open reels before winding the tape into the cassette shells (C-0s). Our process cuts the tape to the correct length of your program, ensuring that there is no dead air.

Together with Direct-To-Cassette (DTC) pad printing, we also offer a variety of printed j-cards so that your cassettes look as good as they sound.

Dex is also proud to offer blank C-90’s and C-60’s direct to the public which can be purchased with or without cases. We are also able to custom-wind cassettes to order please contact our customer service team for more information.

Bands such as The Amity Affliction and Violent Soho have used our services to create high quality cassettes.