About Us

For 40 years, Dex Audio has been a name synonymous with quality in the Australian industry. Founded in 1978 by Daniel Desiere and Greg Williams, Dex provides high quality DVD, CD and cassette production.

Based in inner-city Melbourne we are Australian owned and manufacture on site. We offer CD, DVD & Blu-Ray duplication & replication, graphic design, mastering and authoring. With affordable prices and a wide variety of services, we aim to make the process simple & timely, no matter where you are located in Australia. Our experienced staff will happily assist you in making your project a reality!

The main services we provide are:


For quantities over 300 we replicate DVDs, CD’s & Blu-Ray’s. Replicated discs are injection moulded & bonded together, making them retail quality. Pricing includes up to full colour print on the disc face.


For quantities up to 300 the duplication (burning) process is used. The process is quick, allowing fast turnarounds if needed. Pricing includes up to full colour print on the disc face.

Tape duplication

Yes, we can copy your program onto cassette tapes and print onto the cassettes and sleeves. Tape duplication is run from your digital program

Other Services: Graphic Design, CD Mastering, DVD Authoring, Recording, Music Distribution, Sound Equipment Manufacture Sales and Hire.

Keep reading to get to know our Directors:

Daniel Desiere, Co-founder of Dex Audio

Daniel began work in the audio industry in 1970 at Klarion Enterprises in Melbourne. Working in tape production, he gained a reputation for being able to repair or modify the production equipment. Daniel was promoted to maintenance department manager. Working with major brands like Otari, Soundcraft and MCI, Daniel was responsible for major modifications to MCI multi track recorders that were then taken up by the US manufacturer and incorporated into future products. In 1978 he left to pursue plans with his colleague and Dex Audio was born. At the same time Daniel also pursued a career as a recording engineer and had a busy time culminating in recordings for performers like Men At Work and Vince Jones. As well as playing a very active management role at Dex, Daniel leads the company with major projects such as the sound system for Australia’s first IMAX theatre and installation of Dex’s studios and production equipment. Company technical performance, engineer training as well as equipment standards are his responsibility.Daniel’s other passion includes his significant collection of vintage recording equipment and radios.

Greg Williams, Cert; Electronic Engineering (Hons) Audio-RMIT, Co-founder of Dex Audio.

After completing studies at RMIT in 1977, Greg found employment in the audio industry at Klarion Enterprises. Working in maintenance department and having met Daniel, his now business partner on the job, he found many common interests. Greg left Klarion in 1978 to start Dex with his colleague. During the early years, Greg worked as a designer and studied book keeping. As the business expanded, he tackled new roles as a recording engineer, salesman, production coordinator and trouble shooter. Now he oversees operations. Greg has always had an interest in music which remains active, playing with a mixture of bands from reggae to jazz. His current band plays to wide acclaim at festivals around Australia and has taken him to similar success on several overseas tours.