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Dex is the only manufacturer of audio cassettes in Australia. Running since 1982, there is still a need for cassettes in some industries and a desire for cassettes in some genres of music. The sound of Dex’s cassettes have actually improved over the years because of the use of digital duplication. Digital duplication ensures that the sound remains digital up to the point of recording onto the cassette tape.

Together with Direct-To-Cassette (DTC) pad printing, our cassette duplication facility is unique to the Australian audio industry.

We offer a variety of printed jackets as well as cases, cello wrapping and shrink wrapping.

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Cassette Duplication Melbourne - Tape Duplication

Cassatte duplication service, Melbourne.
Even in our digital age some people are excited by the music being on tape. Australia's only cassette manufacturing plant
with the tape duplication services..
Other services include DVD authoring, short run cd replication, independent music distribution, design and printing.

Tape duplication (cassatte duplication)company, Melbourne.